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SwimAtlanta's competitive swim teams have been winning championships for years now... but, more importantly, our swimmers keep winning after they leave us.

“The real strength of Chris is that he provides an environment where the athletes push themselves,” says 1992 Olympic gold medalist Hans Dersch. “You aren’t bullied or cajoled into performing. SwimAtlanta is a place where athletes are given the tools they need to reach their full potential and have incredible fun doing it.”

-- From SPLASH Magazine, May 2004

SwimAtlanta coaches are trained swimmers themselves. They're very aware of what it's like to work hard at getting better in the water. And they know how to help swimmers reach goals.

“Chris, the other coaches and my parents have helped me realize my potential and work hard to build upon it," says 2005 NCAA relay champ Amanda SwimAtlanta will always be a part of me because it has shaped who I am today. The coaches of SwimAtlanta are all so funny. They are constantly telling jokes and more often than not, making fun of us. Oftentimes, at big meets like Nationals, right before a race, Chris and I will joke around like usual, and other coaches look at us like we’re crazy for laughing so much before a race. However, SwimAtlanta is very laid back, and we do have a lot of fun, but when it comes down to it, we work very hard and are very successful as a team.”

-- From SPLASH Magazine, May 2004

Of course, you want to know what it is that sets SwimAtlanta apart. After all, your daughter or son could try out for any swim team, so why SwimAtlanta's? We believe our #1 advantage is our upbeat, encouraging atmosphere. It helps our swimmers develop to full potential while making friends and memories. Because what good is winning if it isn't fun?


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